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Painting Services

Professional painting services for Residential or Commercial projects.

Benitez Modern Construction will give you the most competitive price anywhere, and the highest quality painting services of any contractor in Southern California. Competitive, professional, and fast.

Our services:

  • Commercial painting services
  • Residential painting services
  • HOA painting & maintenance services

From start to finish, you can depend on GT Foundations to deliver on our promise of professionalism, care and quality.

Main Purpose of Painting

Paint has been around for many years. Quality and texture of paint are continuously evolving as years passing by. Buildings, facilities and even at home are where paint usually applied. For buildings, the major reason why it has to be painted is to protect its exteriors and interiors. Elements like UV rays, molds, wind, stains and water penetration often affect the buildings, and basically, paint is used as outside protection. There is a distinction between a low-quality paint and an excellent quality of paint. Painting professionals are very specific when it comes to this matter. The need to use excellent quality paints are very crucial to the surface performance of buildings. These painting experts are also particular in using construction management software. Achieving comprehensive team collaboration and solid teamwork is easy using this software tool. In fact, the overall team productivity is increased. The different features this tool has provided are perfectly suited to the needs of contractors and subcontractors.

We will see why and how good quality paint is purposely created and why it is preferably used in many industries, particularly in construction. Painting is typically carried out for the following reasons:

· Simple maintenance – surfaces and areas that are well-painted are much easier to clean

· Provides protection to surface against from solar radiation, insects, rain and other external factors

· Improving the visual appeal of the surface

· Improving surface durability

· Waterproofing

Why commercial and HOA customers choose Benitez Modern Construction:

BEST VALUE PRICES – We’re always very competitve, and will customize a quote to fit your needs and budget.
EXPERTISE – We’ve been one of Southern California’s premier painting contractors for over 10 years. We’ll get the job done right, on-time and on budget.
SAFETY – The safety of your staff and property, and of our workers is the highest importance. All of our team members go through complete safety training, and an experienced supervisor is on-site at all times.
TIMELINESS – We’ll give you a project plan and timeline, and we’ll get it done on time. And we’ll ensure you’re fully satisfied with the work quality, of course.
OUR GUARANTEE – Our estimate will outline the guarantee, which is usually between 1-5 years, depending on the areas to be worked on and the property condition.
THE HIGEST CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our team of professionals are always prompt to respond and courteous. We’ll make sure you get high quality work and full satisfaction. We take the highest care for our customers before, during and after each project.