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Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic retrofit services

Recent developments in seismic standards and increased importance of some structures to survive more severe earthquakes have led to the process of seismic retrofitting. Older bridges and structures are usually designed to acceptable codes and standards of their times, without provision for extra strengthening. In many cases, seismic retrofitting can be very complex and inconvenient.

KWH works closely with clients to ensure that retrofitting procedures and work are carried out with high safety standards while properly balancing impact to existing usage and cost savings.

More information about seismic retrofits, and the benefits…

With over ten years’ experience in nonstructural commercial upgrades, ISAT’s Retrofitting Division has been able to streamline methods that minimize labor and materials for clients, while allowing facilities to remain fully operational throughout project execution. ISAT’s retrofitting expertise has been utilized for some of the most strictly enforced projects in the world, including hospitals, biopharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing plants, FAA centers, federal government buildings, and more. This has positioned ISAT as a leading provider of retrofitting services that building professionals rely on for the best service and fastest turnaround for both pre and post construction. With registered structural and mechanical engineers, in-house CAD specialists, designers, seismic bracing layout technicians, and field support staff, ISAT is the only “one stop shop” for commercial projects.

Seismic Retrofitting Key Advantages:

  • Dedicated Survey Staff
  • Streamlined, Cost Effective Code Compliance
  • Remain Operational During Retrofit
  • Reduced Installation Costs, Change Orders, & RFI’s
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Faster Project Turnaround Time
  • Protection of Lives, Equipment, and Inventory
  • Risk Mitigation & Business Continuity
  • OSHPD-ISAT Familiarity and Pre-approval